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What is SEO?

So here we go. If you read the introduction, I assume that you are completely green in the field of web positioning (which is about to change). So we have to start by explaining what exactly we have to deal.
SEO WEB, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), any action designed to achieve high ranking in search results for this phrase. Positioning your site for example, the word “home” so you’re trying to here is that when you type in the search word “house” your website to appear as high as possible in search engine ranking. This is achieved by a number of activities, which are described in subsequent sections of this site.swiat

What position your website?

The first question to be posed is the question of the meaning of such action and what benefits it brings high page rank in the search. Now, an increasing number of people the Internet plays an increasingly important role in finding the information, products or services.

Only in Poland constant access to the internet has about 50% of households, and for nearly 80% of them, the Internet is the primary source of information about products or services (Source: Gemius AdHoc). The vast majority, in their search just use the search by typing the appropriate expressions in the search engine window

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